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AnSaRA is an Arcturian Starseed and founder of STARSEED ASCENSION SCHOOL.

The online school offers Starseeds, light workers, grid workers and spiritual seekers; workshops, courses, meditations, activations and light language for advanced mastery and healing. 

Consciousness Coach and Energy Activator AnSaRA’s soul purpose is to help humanity raise their vibrational frequency to a 5th density (dimensional) reality and above. 

Accessing and living in, through and with the sacred heart space in Unity Consciousness, whilst continuing to ascend to higher consciousness.        

Sampoorna is a Pleiadean Starseed and is the planets "Keeper of the Infinite Eternal Living Light"

Sampoorna is an embodied Ascended Master who has played a pivotal galactic role in The Great Ascension.  His soul purpose is to "open up new dimensional realities to explore consciousness through, during the great awakening of Gaia, its inhabitants and caretakers. 

Sampoorna is gifted with all psychic powers and his level of consciousness and multifaceted, multidimensional gifts brings to the table invaluable knowledge on healing the physical body using pure energy medicine methods of healing, utilising EAV technology and radionic transfer of remedies.  

Why Was The Starseed Ascension School Created?


Starseed Ascension School: "Empowering Starseeds To Elevate Their Consciousness and Transform The World"

The Starseed Ascension School membership site was created to provide a supportive community, with simple yet profoundly powerful mystic school resources for Starseeds and people who are interested in growing spiritually, deepening their connection with self and living in unity consciousness. 

Every body is a Starseed..

Starseeds are individuals who have incarnated on Earth from other star systems or dimensions, with the purpose of helping to raise the energy, frequency, vibration and consciousness of Hue-Wo-Man-Ity.

Here are some of the reasons people have chosen to join the Starseed Ascension School membership site:

  1. Connection and Community: Starseeds may feel isolated or misunderstood in their daily lives, but by joining a community of like-minded individuals, they can feel supported, understood, and validated.

  2. Spiritual Guidance and Resources: The membership site provides access to resources such as meditations, workshops, and courses, which can help Starseeds develop their spiritual gifts, gain a deeper understanding of their purpose, and navigate their spiritual journey.

  3. Personal Growth and Transformation: The site offers tools and practices to help Starseeds raise their vibration, clear energetic blockages, and heal past traumas. This can lead to greater self-awareness, personal growth, and transformation.

  4. Access To Experts and Teachers: The membership site features experienced teachers and practitioners who can provide guidance and support on a range of topics related to Starseed spirituality and ascension.

  5. Expanded Consciousness: By connecting with other Starseeds and engaging in spiritual practices and teachings, members may experience an expansion of consciousness and an increased sense of connection to themselves and the universe.

Hundreds of people have joined Starseed Ascension School to deepen their spiritual practice, connect with others on a similar path and gain the tools and support they need to fulfil their purpose as Starseeds.




Meet The Team

We are Internationally Recognised Ascension Coaches, Healers, Starseed Channels, and Multi-Dimensional Guides. 
Dedicating our Lives to Assist Souls to Awaken to their Divine Purpose. 

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