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A Sacred Space Created To Help Support, Guide, Teach and Empower You On Your Spiritual Journey. 

Master Your Spiritual Practice
From Anywhere In The World 


Its easy to feel connected to
your spiritual side when
you're in a beautiful, natural
setting. But what about when
you're stuck in the middle of a
bustling city? Or in a
Access short, highly effective
guided meditations that will
teach you life changing skills
to: clear your energy, balance
your chakras activate your
light body, enhance your
psychic skills,
Remain high vibe,
energetically protected and
resilient in any situation
anywhere in the world.


Join a Conscious
Community of Starseeds
With a Mission of Ascension


The journey of spiritual
awakening doesn’t have to be
lonely.  There are 000’s of
Starseeds like you on our
This community brings
together a feeling of uniting
with your soul family.  The
power of our collective
consciousness will accelerate
your journey.
Come join us on monthly live
channeled events and help
fulfil Source Creator’s mission
of ascension for humanity and
Gaia. The time is now for
Starseeds to unite as a

On-Demand Access via
Your Computer, Tablet or
Smart Phone 


Access user friendly and
effective ways to navigate life
with awareness. Experience
spiritual growth and naturally
evolve into your soul purpose in life.
Whether you're a stay-at-home
parent or a busy professional,
the online portal makes it easy to access quality content when it's convenient for you. Evolve at your own pace.
The portal provides affordable
access to: live and recorded
classes, energy activations,
guided meditations, daily rituals, sound healing, energy clearings and much more.

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Access This Popular Course

Psychic Development   

This is a channeled course aligned with ascension, bringing the most up to date guidance to activate & unlock your intuition and psychic powers. Your teachers and guides are embodied Ascended Master Sampoorna and Master Kuthumi. 

Access Live Astrologically Aligned Events 

Monthly Energy Activations

Our community comes together as a FORCE OF ONE on these supercharged events, to fulfil Source Creator's mission of ascension for humanity and Gaia. Participate and align to your starseed soul purpose. 

Access Life Changing Tools and Techniques

Energy Protection Workshops

As you ascend and your frequency rises, you will need to keep up to date with the latest techniques to maintain your flow state. Let us help you with channelled guidance to easily and effectively clear all types of energetic distortions.


The Living Library Is Designed To Help You Nourish Your Soul, Renew Your Spirit And Expand Your Consciousness. 

Join us today and awaken to a world of infinite possibilities, where you can thrive and radiate your highest potential.
Come and transcend beyond the limitations of your current reality and let us help you live your best life yet. 
With exclusive access to our vast library of spiritual resources, you can explore various spiritual practices, connect with others and transform your life in ways you never thought possible.


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  • Access 24/7 - 365 On Our¬† Smart Phone App
  • Step Out of Your Busy Head and Into Your Sacred Heart Space
  • Learn How To Leave the 3D Matrix
  • Pathway To The 5th Dimension (5D)
  • Simple, Short, Profoundly Powerful Daily Meditations
  • Have More Energy, Live On Life Force Energy
  • Chakra & Energy Field Activations
  • Level 1 Psychic & Intuition Series ‚Äď 9 Classes
  • 3rd Eye and Clairvoyant Activations
  • Level 1 Pendulum Course
  • Energy Clearing & Protection Essentials
    # All classes are live and recorded
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No Contracts Cancel Anytime

  • Access 24/7 - 365 On Our Smart Phone App
  • Meditations, Masterclasses, and Workshops
  • Energy Activation Series Kundalini & Light Body Activations
  • 4 Levels - Psychic & Intuition Series ‚Äď 36 Classes
  • 3rd Eye and Clairvoyant Activations
  • Level 1, 2, 3, Pendulum Courses
  • Channelled Messages From The Ascended Masters and Galactic Teachers of Light
  • Energy Protection Tips & Workshops
  • Light Language Activations
  • Starseed Community¬†Forum On Facebook
  • Channelled Monthly Guidance
  • Live Community Q&A Support Calls
  • # All classes are live and recorded
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Starseeds Who Love Using The Portal

Our client's success speaks volumes.

I would like to share what I love about the membership portal. Just everything really. If you have never even realised you had any skills as a Starseed its the best place to go to learn from the beginning, and you can go through it at your own time. 
I also do the monthly Energy Activations. They are just so powerful & amazing. It helps you with your confidence, as well knowing you are helping humanity. I am just so grateful to be part of it. 

Jodie Clayton

"I have been in wellness for over 40 years. Sampoorna and AnSaRA are extraordinary and unique. I have not only experienced instant and dramatic changes in myself for the MUCH better - but I know others whose health and lives have turned around. Seriously, if you are contemplating joining this community - RUN don’t walk to do it. You will be amazed, astonished and thrilled with the results.

Amanda Gore

"I enjoy being a member of the Portal Community.   I am able to connect with many other spiritually minded souls. The resources are relevant, rich and timeless.  Sampoorna and AnSaRA  are enteric and very clued in. I believe that connection and guidance are key to your spiritual development and this is a great place to join your Soul Community to further enrich your journey." 

Lee Kelly


Ascension, Also Known As Spiritual Awakening, is a Simultaneous Increase of Expanding Consciousness That Occurs When Your Spiritual-Energetic Bodies Connect Into Your Physical Bodies.



The Starseed Ascension School Is The Secret To Your Spiritual Evolution

It’s The Difference Between Struggling and Being Successful


Without Membership

  • Not knowing who you are and why you are here
  • Lonely spiritual path
  • Time consuming, frustrating evolution
  • Disconnected monotonous life
  • Stuck floundering in the 3rd dimension
  • Lack of direction in life
  • Stuck in your busy head
  • Spending a lot of money on ineffective coaching and programmes

With Membership

  • Discover who you are, why you are here as a Starseed
  • Connect with a supportive conscious community¬†
  • Learn from our team of ascension experts with 30+ years experience
  • Gracefully align with your soul purpose and Starseed mission
  • Only $44 a month for consistent guided and supported growth
  • Be guided by an embodied ascended master¬†