Sampoorna, Pleiadean Starseed, "Keeper of The Light" - Embodied Ascended Master

“Keeper of the Light,” Sampoorna has incarnated at this time "To Facilitate The Spiritual Awakening of Humanity".

As an embodied Ascended Master and having had over 5 million life times, Sampoorna is playing a pivotal galactic role in The Greatest  Ascension of all time, of all planets in the all that is, which is unfolding right here, right now on planet Earth, which will lead to the planets ascension from 3rd Dimensional Earth, 5th Dimensional Tara, to 7th Dimensional Gaia. 

Sampoorna's soul purpose is to open up new dimensional realities to explore consciousness through the great awakening of Gaia, its inhabitants and caretakers.

 As a cosmic being, Sampoorna worked with the Galactic Federation and Galactic Council for many years, where he was their primary embodied representative clearing galactic beings that were blocking the ascension timelines and disrupting the harmony of creation on and off planet.

Sampoorna is a member of the Inter-dimensional Free World Council, Council of Wizards and was the first Ascended Master to be anointed and invited to sit at the table with the Elohim.

Sampoorna is 1 of only 2 other people on the planet that work with "Spirit of The Most High" Anthony William "The Medical Medium" guide, who he channels and works with 1 on 1 with clients and when he is giving public demonstrations at Body Mind Spirit Expo's.

Sampoorna is gifted with all psychic powers, with his primary psychic gift being his psychic sight, enabling him to see and perceive all dimensional beings, aspects of consciousness and energy imbalances in the human and energetic bodies. 

Sampoorna's level of consciousness and multifaceted, multi-dimensional gifts are invaluable when seeing clients 1 on 1 to aid them restoring homeostasis and 100% pure energetic health in their physical and etheric bodies, either through pranic healing sessions, or while working with EAV "Electro Acupuncture According to Voll" methods of healing with radionics, where Sampoorna is qualifying to be a Dr. in energy medicine. 

Sampoorna has been a renowned teacher in ancient mystic schools over many past life times and brings his skills and knowledge forward as a teacher of Psychic Development.   

You will meet Sampoorna in the Starseed Ascension School, where he is very hands on bringing practical teachings focused on helping conscious, intuitive, and sensitive people heal, thrive and live the life they were born to live. 


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