AnSaRA, Arcturian Starseed, "Guardian of The Consciousness Generators"

All humans seek connection, to be loved and to feel worthy. There is only one thing standing in everyone’s way; negative emotions. 

Hi my name is AnSaRA and I have been blessed with the gift of being able to read the exact emotions a person is bottling up. This means I can go straight to the cause of their pain, anxiety, PTSD, depression, or just not feeling good enough.

I love my work and how fast I can help people shift from 3D to 5D. My soul purpose is fulfilled when I witness the sparkle return to a persons eyes as I set them free from an invisible jail of negative emotions.

All dis-ease begins in the emotional and mental field long before it manifests in the physical, so my knowledge of how to release emotions and stay free is a gift to all.

Why me? I am intuitively gifted after healing myself from chronic fatigue and stress-induced digestive dysfunction. Whilst healing myself I learned how to sense and read the human emotional system. (Chakras). 

E-motion is energy in motion, this is our health-giving life force energy. When the human body is blocked and fatigued, this is caused by negative emotion that is energy NOT in motion. My job is to get your E-motion back into motion.

I am able to sense where negative emotions are stored in the body and by helping my clients release them, I witness miracles every day.

My clients experience a significant shift at the core level removing layers of deep-rooted distortions and limiting beliefs that also help them:  

  • Identify root causes and patterns
  • Remove major blocks
  • Gain conscious awareness
  • Open internal self-healing abilities
  • Experience substantial life transformation


The insights received when I help you release an emotion from the past gives you great insight to elevate beyond the hurt and transcend beyond what happened. To let go of who and what no longer serves you.

These fundamental shifts can impact anyone's physical, emotional, financial or spiritual health, and all areas of relationships, creating abundance.

Over time my healing abilities have been magnified with experience and I can now help groups of people as well as face to face private sessions.

To clarify, I do not have the power to heal; rather I act as the “guide” for pure energy to clear the body by helping you open your energy channels.

 I teach you to protect your energy, to master your thoughts and emotions. I am working at your core frequency level to help you access higher consciousness. Unlocking your own limitless potential allowing you to connect more clearly with your higher consciousness and limitless abundance.

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