Ep - 12 - Soundscapes of the Soul: A Journey with Sika, New Zealand's Master Sound Artist

Dive into a sonic exploration with Sika, New Zealand's acclaimed sound artist, known for his profound music and paintings that deepen our spiritual connection with nature. Join Master Sampoorna and AnSaRA, two devoted fans and ardent followers of Sika, as they traverse the lush landscapes of New Zealand to experience Sika's unique Sound Journeys. In this episode, we delve into the mystical energy of Kaikoura, a place that amplifies the extraordinary experiences Sika crafts, especially on the significant date of 11/11/23, a day that resonates deeply with Sika’s mission to create a future rooted in the wisdom of the past. Sika's music, a symphony of didgeridoos, drums, native flutes, voice, and natural instruments, sets the stage for an immersive sound healing experience like no other. He is not just a sound healer but an artist of sound, giving voice to wood, skin, bone, stone, shell, and the elemental sounds of water, fire, trees, animals, and wind. His work is a testament to a lifetime spent in harmony with the rhythms of nature. Join us as we ride the waves of sound, diving deep into the depths of the soul under Sika's expert guidance. Embark on an epic adventure into the inner world, where secrets and guidance await discovery. Experience the transformative power of sound with Sika, and let the journey begin.