Episode 7 - Get Ready For A Life-Changing Journey! How Ascension Impacts All Aspects of Life

Master Sampoorna, AnSaRA and ShaRAmea are way showers. This means their soul purpose is to breakthrough new dimensions of consciousness and to shine the light on the pathway for others to follow in the slipstream.

A casual chat about how the planet is ascending and the affect this can have on you and humanity. How you can suffer from physical, mental and emotional ascension symptoms.

AnSaRA describes ascension as the planet going up an elevator and how if people are asleep they will only be able to get to the third floor. Many in humanity are experiencing the rise and fall of crashing down in the dimensions to lower frequencies and being ungrounded and living in fear.

For those ascending it is like riding the elevator up the building, so you can see more clearly, find yourself and awaken.

Spiritual awakening can create a momentous shift in your life. It creates trials and tribulations that often lack understanding and know how. This team of way showers enjoy exploring this subject and bring forward understandable examples of what ascension means.