Episode 6 - Master Sampoorna: Awakening as an Embodied Ascended Master - Part 2

We continue a conversation with Master Sampoorna and what it is like to have super consciousness and the abilities to see multi-dimensionally, hear, channel and sense all the time! Even when going to the supermarket. Master Sampoorna shares one of the most profound moments of his life when he was told by Master Kuthumi he is an embodied Ascended Master. Enjoy hearing about the challenges he has faced through his awakening and what it’s like to see other beings. Colourful stories of remote viewing and setting alarms off! The experiences he has had attending funerals and what it’s like to see and chat to the spirits of people who have just passed on. Towards the end of the podcast Freddy Mercury popped in with messages for Master Sampoorna and Humanity.