Episode 1: Embarking on a Journey of Ascension - Introduction to Cosmic Consciousness Cafe Starseed Ascension School

Welcome to the first-ever episode of the Cosmic Consciousness Cafe Starseed Ascension School Podcast! Join your celestial guides, Ascended Master Samporna, Ansara, and Sharamiya, as they embark on an enlightening journey exploring the depths of spirituality and unveiling the secrets of the universe. In this inaugural episode, your hosts introduce themselves and their unique roles in the realm of spiritual ascension. Listen as Ansara, our energy activator, shares her passion for embodied ascension and talks about her journey from chronic fatigue to self-discovery through chakras. Sharamiya, a soul coach, discusses her path from retail to realizing her life's calling - helping others expand their consciousness and remember their true selves. The hosts also share behind-the-scenes insights into their work, highlighting the dedication required and the challenges faced along the way. Despite the long hours and early mornings, they affirm their love for what they do and express excitement about sharing their passion with listeners. This episode sets the stage for future explorations of spirituality, ascension, self-healing, longevity, and intuitive powers. Tune in and prepare to elevate your consciousness and awaken your evolutionary potential.